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26 JUNHO 2020

Project Adapt - SME


Project nº 067438
Support under the incentive system
Adapting the company's activity to the COVID-19 context

Intervention region: Center
Beneficiary: Bolseira – Embalagens, S.A.

Approved on: 22-06-2020
Start date: 26-05-2020
Completion date: 24-11-2020
Total eligible cost: 13427,68€
European Union financial support: 6713,84€
National / regional public financial support: 0€

Project summary:

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to companies. For the Fellow, the challenge is to adapt the workplaces and attendance to the public in order to have security among employees, customers, suppliers and others, and to prevent the spread of the virus.
    Thus, and to avoid contagion in public service, the Scholarship acquired automatic cleaning equipment with the objective of making it mandatory to disinfect hands when entering the company, without the risk of transmission by objects. Signposts were also placed on the floor for the public to keep the safety distance between themselves and acrylics to minimize the risk between customers / employees in the service.
    In order to avoid contagion between employees, a point control system by facial recognition was implemented, so there is no touch by different people on the same object, and this device also measures body temperature for employee self-control. The floor of the isolation room was replaced by one that was easy to wash and disinfect, as the floor covering was not adequate according to DGS standards.