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06 DEZEMBRO 2017

Bolseira promotes solidarity action for fire victims

The collaborators Guida Rodrigues, Tânia Tavares and Raquel Oliveira implemented a solidarity action that had the support of the Bolseira and some employees of the company, together they offered goods that were delivered to families of Penacova (Vale do Gueiro, Casal do Gago - Fonte Longa) .

These families were victims of the fires that devastated the country last October. Sensitive to the events, the company's employees joined together with Bolseira to provide their support, as possible, which resulted in the collection of food to deliver to these people, many of them homeless and homeless.

The Bolseira family is always attentive and willing to help those who need it most. It is part of its practice, of its values and for this reason it participated in another solidarity action. Thanks to all who have somehow collaborated with such noble initiative!

Watch our video here.